The Youth Leader Training Programme 


All young people should have access to positive role models and good advice. LVN understand that front line delivery has an extremely valuable impact on a young person’s life. The LVN programmes and accompanying App offer an extra resource to youth leaders to enable them to expand on the great work they do. Youth leaders who have built relationships with the young people in their communities can use the LVN resource to further support the young person’s personal development. 


Our programmes can be used stand-alone or as part of a wider employability target. The LVN youth leader training programme is designed to help ensure that youth leaders can confidentially utilise the LVN App and co-ordinate LVN programmes. Educationalist and LVN trustee Christopher Jenner-Cole” has helped put together the LVN youth leader programme to ensure best practise and delivery. LVN offers an opportunity for young people to learn in a way that doesn’t intimidate or alienate and importantly creates an environment for young people working together. 


  • How to effectively use the London Village Network App
  • How to effectively deliver the LVN programmes  
  • About LVN Volunteers – Effective engagement 
  • The Psychology behind why LVN is needed  
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Process 
  • A refresher safeguarding session
  • Ongoing support

The LVN Youth Leader workshop consists of a half day training followed by regular feed-back group lunches with other youth leaders using the service. If you would like to partner with LVN to deliver LVN programmes in your area please get in touch. The programmes includes a LVN work ready evaluation and monitoring theory of changed developed in conjunction with Project Oracle.



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