The VAMP Project

The VAMP Project


The Vocational Academic Mentoring Pathways (VAMP) Project is a pre-employment training programme that explores the world of IT and digital technologies.  It is an industry related learning experience that helps to develop short to mid-term career goals, with a specific focus on apprenticeship readiness and job-related outcomes.


The future belongs to those who prepare for it today


​The modern-day work place is dominated by the digital revolution, which now influences the way people work, interact and communicate with each other. The challenge for today’s educators is to help young people develop the 21st century skills that enable them to fully realise their potential.




VAMP offers residents, in the heart of inner city estates, an opportunity to start-over, learn at their own pace whilst studying a mixture of vocational qualifications, personal and social development skills. This all-encompassing delivery offers candidates a family-type-framework with a strong micro-mentoring ethos.

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