The VAMP Project..

The Basic Digital Skills UK 2017 report suggests that, despite an overall increase in the number of UK adults who have gained basic digital skills, AT LEAST 3% (300,000) of those aged 15 – 24 are still left behind.”



As our social landscape changes, the skills needed to deal with the complexities of life have also changed. The modern-day work place is dominated by the digital revolution which now affects the way we work, interact and communicate with each other. Today’s challenge for educators is to help young people develop the 21st century skills that enable them to fully realise their potential.          


VAMP candidate Arron, on assignment..

The Vocational Academic Mentoring Pathways (VAMP) project is an assets-based pre-employment training programme that explores the world of IT and Digital Technologies.  It is an industry related learning experience that helps develope short to mid-term career goals, obtaining vocational qualifications with a SPECIFIC focus on work-readiness and job-related outcomes.


VAMP trainee Mark, achieving his first vocational Microsoft qualification


The program fosters the hard and soft skills required to take candidates from beginner, to entry-level job readiness\ apprenticeship. VAMP develops the industry knowhow and confidence that employers require junior members of their team to “Hit-the-Ground-Running” with. VAMP also offers participants the opportunity to start-over, learn at their own pace and in their own time whilst studying a mixture of vocational certifications, digital literacy and communication skills.


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