To become an LVN HOST Centre you must agree to our safeguarding terms and conditions. The “LVN Key Principles” certificate must be on displayed clearly.

Behavioral Science

LVN worked with the team at Ogilvy Change to produce a behaviour science report to outline why LVN is needed.


Session Plan

We have created a standard lesson plan to help professionals “Donate 1 Hour of Time”. You will make volunteers feel at ease and prepared.

Personal Development

To track progression, every young person attending an LVN event is given a Personal Development Plan. After each session ask each young person to note likes and dislikes about a career journey.


Become a Host Centre

We train youth and social workers to become LVN facilitators. You will be trained to assist young people on how to identify their interests and how best to help volunteers donate their hour of time.

Co-ordinator Support

To ensure quality control LVN hold regular youth worker support meetings. We want young people to know what to expect when they attend an LVN event. We are renowned for our service.


Network Poverty

LVN introduces young people to the importance of networking. We provide them with access to networks typically only afforded to the more privellaged.

Change Theory

LVN have worked with PROJECT ORACLE to produce our theory of change. ‘Young people are less likeky to be involved in anti-social behaviour if they have access to better networks’.



As youth workers to a group of young people you are their constant. LVN offers a chance for young people to widen their horizons by crossing paths with people they may not ordinarily meet.

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