TheLVNAppLaunched in June 2017, The LVN App was created to extend the reach of our programmes on the groundLVN recognises that young people today are extremely social media literate and the App offers a unique opportunity for them to access information & support 24-7/365. 



The LVN App makes it easy for adults to give 1 hour of their time to support youth. Professionals simply down load the App, select which topics they are happy to speak about and supply two references. A member of the LVN team will contact you regarding current opportunities. The App also offers a signposting function so that young people who engage with LVN can readily access other local youth opportunities. The App facilitates networking and acts as a conduit between young people, professionals & youth provision services.


For more information and to see a list of provisions currently promoted on the App please see the media pack below

LVN takes safeguarding extremely seriously. All host partners are required to adhere to the Host Partners Agreement Policy.

Thank you so much for your support from Team LVN

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