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LVN_02153_WebTitles_9x9cm3London Village Network worked with behavioural experts at Ogilvy Changelogo-ogilvy-change to produce a report outlining why a charity like LVN is needed. (Available on request)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Freedom


The core LVN programmes, Industry Insight and Be-Your-Own-Boss (BYOB), are designed to help young people get networked and develop new career pathways. Our vision is to level out the playing fields so that all young people have the necessary knowledge and information to navigate their way around various career opportunities.


               ” Turning Street-SAVVY Into Boardroom Ready   BYOB

TV shows like The Apprentice have inspired many young people into wanting to start up their own businesses. The young people we work with, despite having great ideas, lack the opportunity and know-how to kick start their concepts. The Goal-Gradient Effect theory explains that the closer you are to achieving a goal, the harder you work towards it.  The Be-Your-Own-Boss programme helps breaks down a business plan into digestible tasks.  With the support of professional volunteers, each task becomes less daunting and more achievable. We ask volunteers to assist with different sections to help young ‘go-getters’ obtain a better network, and grounding to help them become investment ready. By giving your TIME, you are helping a young person reach their goals. LVN have developed a 7 Step Business Plan that invites different professionals to help with each particular section.

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LVN acts a ‘parent’, providing a constant go-to and platform of guidance and support for young people outside (and in some cases in addition to) the education system. Young people are encouraged to meet as many adults as possible. If every responsible adult donates just a few hours of TIME for this purpose, then together we can create a significant accumulative impact of change and positivity amongst our youth. By giving just a few hours of your time you are helping to develop a young person’s outlook. According to ‘The Zone of Proximal Development Psychological Theory‘, social circles and networks dramatically impact a young person’s capabilities to learn.

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