The aim of the programme is to inspire young people to equip them with self-worth and confidence. LVN endeavour to level out the playing fields so that all young people have the necessary knowledge and skill set to navigate their way around various career opportunities.

Young people are encouraged to meet as many adults as possible. If every responsible adult donates just a few hours of TIME for this purpose, then together we can create a significant accumulative impact of change and positivity amongst our youth.

LVN programmes are designed to teach young people how to set achievable and longer-term goals. We help young people prepare and plan for their future by encouraging them to think about their interests and to learn from others.

LVN helps young people think about their future. By participating in our programmes and providing insight and life skills, you are helping a young person to map out their future.

Industry Insight at the Crashpad homeless shelter


The LVN promise is to keep pointing young people in the right direction.

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