Host Centres

The London Village Network platform is designed to bring young people together to learn and connect based on interests. LVN operates (run sessions) in what we term “Host Centres”. LVN events are open to all young people 16-24. We encourage mixed age and ability to create a family feel.


Our Purpose

Is to open-up conversations with our youth. LVN provide young people with inspiration and ideas. We always ensure young people always have access to a second chance if they need it and an opportunity to plan for their future.


The Vision

Is to see LVN events take place within deprived communities across London & beyond, where every young person can meet with responsible adults willing to support them. Through LVN young people learn why building relationships and connecting with different people is good for personal growth


Our Mission

  • Develop a strong model of support for young people, providing information when needed.
  • Ensuring young people gain more life, work and employability skills.
  • Increase the number of young people accessing local employment and training support services.
  • Encourage young people to look at what they have, over what they have not.
  • Improve community cohesion by giving young people leadership skills to motivate others to create change.


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