Thinking About Volunteering…?


With London Village Network It couldn’t be easier. LVN is dedicated to supporting young people to cultivate a brighter future and all we need from you is just 1 Hour..!


Many professionals are time poor but would like to help. LVN programs provide a platform wherein professional adults only need give 1 hour of their time per year to make a difference. The young people we support lack network and confidence. The purpose of LVN is to help level out of the playing fields. We simply ask you to speak to young people for an hour

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Our grassroots charity endeavours to make a difference by connecting young people to a conveyor belt of professional adults, people they would not ordinarily meet.  Our aim is to break down barriers and create greater equality by providing opportunities to learn about and explore careers and industries that they would not normally have access to.

You’re in good company…! Established just over 2 years ago, LVN have received the support of some truly fantastic volunteers, ranging from film producers and bank directors, to plumbers and IT professionals. Each have helped to map out and support the direction of many young people in London.


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