Be Your Own Boss

"turning street-savvy into boardroom ready"


TV shows like The Apprentice have inspired many young people into wanting to start-up their own businesses. The young people we work with, despite having great ideas, lack the opportunity and know-how to kick start their concepts. Our Be Your Own Boss motto is…

“turning street-savvy into boardroom ready”

We ask volunteers to assist with different sections to help young ‘go-getters’ obtain a better network, and grounding to help them become investment ready. By giving your TIME, you are helping a young person reach their goals. LVN have developed DIY Business Plan that invites different professionals to help with each particular section.


You are asked to select which of the sections you feel best equipped to discuss, and simply spend an hour with a young person and communicate suggestions. You do not need to be an expert. The point is to have someone to discuss ideas with.

Unlike traditional mentoring programmes, LVN is designed to create lots of light touch points. Youth workers are on hand to be a constant ‘go-to’ for the young person, to ensure they have the confidence to ask the right questions. Each young person participating in the Be Your Own Boss program receives an LVN DIY Business Plan.

Thinking of ideas

Think about the local community including demographics.

Can you spot a gap in the market?

What are the local needs and resources?

Can you think of a formula to improve current services?

→ Think about your interests and hobbies?

Can these interests be turned into a business?

→ What type of things / activities would you like to see change in your community?

→ What shops / services are already available in the area?

→ Suggested business ideas: Home improvements; home cooked food; entertainment; childcare; beauty treatments; catering for special events like Christmas and birthdays.

→ Think about the resources needed and brainstorm where to look for those resources.

→ Start to write the business summary

If an adult would like to give more than 1 hour they MUST adhere to our safeguarding policies and DBS checks

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