"IT Takes a Village to Raise a Child"

London Village Network


Our Core Values and Mission LVN puts young people first and supports them to make good decisions for their future

London Village Network (also known as LVN) is a registered charity that provides a tool kit for youth and community leaders to build a better network for disadvantaged young people in their care. London Village Network was established as a Charity in March 2015.

Our charitable purpose is to help level out the playing field by creating a platform that enables all young people access to good information based on their interests. LVN asks all adults to get together with a village mentality to help raise productive happy and successful young adults. Our Vision is to create a sphere of positive influence.

LVN is FREE for young people to access. Our relaxed environment operates with an open-door policy; young people can opt in and out. Attendees can request to meet professionals to learn about things on a deeper level beyond the school curriculum providing a wider access to knowledge, which in turn will strengthen communities.

Youth workers delivering in LVN Host Centres are required to adhere to the LVN Youth Worker Standards. LVN host centre youth workers are required to attend quarterly monthly LVN Youth Worker meetings to ensure quality control. LVN is open and accessible to all young people 16-24.

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